At Mayespark Primary School, we believe that all pupils have the right to receive rich, deep learning experiences which balance all aspects of computing.

With technology playing such a significant role in society today, we believe children should be taught the skills which will enable them to participate effectively and safely in a digital world.  

Miss Ibrahim

Computing Leader

Pupil Voice

Children in Year 5 & 6 have been asked about their learning in computing. Please see some of the responses below:

What do you like about computing?

"I like designing on PurpleMash." Year 6 pupil

"I like using technology to interact in computing and I enjoy solving problems when we are asked to find a solution independently." Year 6 pupil

 What do you learn in computing?

"I learn coding and I enjoy it because it is a logical process to create something." Year 5 pupil

"I learn how to use computers and Purplemash and have created my own story." Year 5 pupil

 How is creativity expressed in computing?

"I use creativity when I code because you can create a background and sprite" Year 5 pupil

"I think computing is creative because you can create a code that can do an instruction that you want." Year 5 pupil

 How do you stay safe online?

"I would ask a trusted adult and ensure I use the smart rules." Year 6 pupil 

"I follow e-safety rules and use guidance from lessons that are taught." Year 6 pupil 

What do you enjoy about computing?

"I like trying out new possibilities and strategies." Year 6 pupil

"It is an exciting subject as technology is developing and we will be using it in the future. " Year 6 pupil

"I like computing and like to do research using technology." Year 6 pupil

"I enjoy computing because I’m into coding. " Year 6 pupil