See what parents say about our school:

"S was the first child to start in Mayespark Arch in February 2020.  At that time he was a non verbal child with so much of global development delay, autism and ADHD.  It has been one year since he started in Arch and he has improved amazingly with his language, academic, socialisation and high amount of attention span to learning.  I am grateful that I found an extremely good school with all the support of my dearest SENCO Mrs Kantharia and all the teachers who are working hard with S and giving continuing support."


"From the outset the school fully reassured us that G would be safe, which was our major concern as parents, given that she is unable to use vocabulary to communicate.  The school worked very closely with us, especially the teachers in the Arch, to understand G’s needs and behaviour. Their patience and resilience with G has been amazing and we, as parents, could not ask for any more from the Arch.  Thank you."

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