I enjoy studying and playing at Mayespark because it is a good opportunity to learn new things. Learning is a lot of fun at this school and I feel very happy. There are friendly teachers and pupils. The school is a lovely place.
Year 5 Child


At Mayespark Primary School we believe that mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems.

Mrs Ashfield-Murphy

Maths Leader 

Mrs Montiero

Maths Leader / Maths Mastery Specialist



Long Term Plans

There are lots of ways parents and carers are able to support their children at home. To find out more information and to watch some useful videos about the mathematical methods we use at Mayespark, click here.  You are also able to view our long term plans by clicking on the following links.

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Pupil Voice

Children in Year 1, 3 and 4 have recently been asked about their learning in maths, this is what they have told us:

What makes a maths lesson really fun?


I like drawing diagrams to show my methods. Year 1 pupil

We learn new methods, strategies and new rules. Year 3 pupil

We can use what we already know to make connections. Year 3 pupil

We don’t learn in a boring way, we use pictures and resources to help us to learn fractions. Year 4 pupil

We play games to help us learn. Year 4 pupil

What do you find difficult in maths?


I find learning new methods confusing at start but with practice I become confident. Year 3 pupil

I sometimes find learning new methods a bit tricky but I know I can use objects to help me. Year 4 pupil

Reasoning. I often know the answer but explaining it can be tricky. I use diagrams to help me or the key vocab from the lesson. Year 4 pupil

What is the best thing about maths?


Maths challenges your brain, helps it get stronger! Year 1 pupil

My teacher makes it fun by being funny! Year 1 pupil

I love doing maths quizzes, speed tests and maths passports! Year 3 pupil

I love learning new and exciting methods and strategies, it is super fun! Year 3 pupil

When it’s really tricky. I love solving problems! Year 4 pupil

The best thing about maths is learning new methods and ways to do things so I can be more efficient. Year 4 pupil

Do you feel confident in maths?


I feel confident in maths because my teacher has taught me lots of methods that help me to get the answers correct. Year 1 pupil

Very! Year 4 pupil

Sometimes I feel really confident and sometime I need some help first so I might get some resources or draw a diagram.  Eventually I feel confident. Year 4 pupil

What do you use in maths to help you when you get stuck?

I use what I already know. Year 3 pupil

I use counters and dienes. Year 3 pupil

I ask my partner and teacher for help. Year 3 pupil

I try to use what I have done in the past and what I already know to help me. Year 4 pupil

I try a different strategy to check my answer if I’m not sure. Or I might use counters or resources. Year 4 pupil