The school aims to provide children with homework that supports their learning and their classwork.

Homework refers to any work or activities which pupils are asked to do outside of lesson time, whether on their own or with the support of an adult. However, homework activities are of greatest value to the children if they are talked about and encouraged at home.  

Children are expected to read at home every evening whatever their age. By discussing their reading with an adult and talking about the story line or information, children are able to also develop their comprehension skills as well as their ability to read the words. Our children who read regularly at home are those who are most confident when reading in school. 

Our aim is to maximise the quality of our pupils’ learning. Activities set for home will be reinforcement of something that has already been taught during the week. Children may be asked to do research for the next topic or produce their learning in a variety of creative ways. 

Homework is set weekly on Google Classroom  

Please see the school's Homework Policy for further details.