Coming to Mayespark makes me feel good and I feel safe. I enjoy being with my friends, learning new things and helping others. This school is lovely and so are all the teachers and pupils.
Year 5 Child

Values & Ethos

Our Vision

At Mayespark all staff work together to ensure that every child is inspired to achieve their best.


Our Values and Ethos

At Mayespark Primary School we believe that every child in our school is entitled to the very best education so that they develop a love of learning and an enquiring mind. We strive to provide a hands-on, stimulating curriculum which challenges our children to aim high.

We believe that learning is more than acquiring knowledge, learning is developing the skills of resilience – persevering with challenges and taking risks where necessary; it is about working cooperatively and respectfully with others to achieve shared goals. These skills are key to empowering our children to become lifelong learners who believe in themselves.

In our school we provide a safe and inclusive environment where diversity is embraced and difference is respected. We believe that we are all role models for our children, and in providing support and showing how we care for others, we can encourage our children to become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We value the powerful contribution which parents and carers make to the learning journey of every child and aim to include and support them to achieve the best for their children.

The school community has decided on the following core values:

Respect    Love    Honesty   Happiness   Tolerance

Unity   Determination   Humility  Courage  Politeness  Justice