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Welcome to mayespark primary school

Mayespark is a large school with over 800 wonderful pupils. The Mayespark staff team is committed to ensuring that the children of Mayespark develop their passion for learning in a totally inclusive setting with high standards in teaching, learning and behaviour. Our school motto 'Dream, Explore, Discover' reflects our eagerness for children to have high aspirations and to become independent so they can be lifelong learners. We aim to provide pupils with broad first hand experiences through visits and visitors, contacts and connections and high quality technology education, as well as stimulating lessons that relate to the real world.

We want to ensure that all children understand that they can make a difference and our curriculum aims to provide them with the self-esteem, resilience, academic and social tools to do so. The school holds key values high; integrity, honesty, caring and moral responsibility enabling our pupils to make positive contributions and to be excellent members of society.

We are keen to work in close partnership together with parents and carers to provide an effective and stimulating learning environment for all our children to achieve their best. The staff at Mayespark value your support and we look forward to working closely with you. If at any point we can be of help please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always pleased to welcome visitors so please contact the office for an appointment should you wish to come and visit us.

Christine Lamb