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Child protection & safeguarding

Pastoral Care

We attach great importance to the pastoral care of our children and the development of a caring school is something which runs through all we do at Mayespark. If a problem arises at home which affects your child, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with staff.

Similarly, a teacher may wish to discuss a problem in school with parents. The school has a Parent Support Adviser who you can contact with any issues with attendance or parenting. Of course all information of this nature will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Safety and Security

The SchoolWe want to ensure that all our children and parents feel safe whilst at school. Parents, carers and visitors should only enter the school building via the school office in the main entrance.


Parents and carers are also reminded that if problems occur between children these should be reported to a senior member of staff. It is never acceptable for a parent to approach someone else’s child in the playground.

Senior staff are in the playground every day before and after school to help.

Road Safety

Young children are at risk on their way to and from school. The main hazard the children face is vehicular. If you do drive to school, please do not park on the school site.Please park away from the school in the surrounding roads, and with consideration for our neighbours. Thank you.


If you have any concerns about your child’s happiness please discuss these with the class teacher in the first instance. If you think your child is having difficulties with another child, please speak to the class teacher, under no circumstances should you approach another parent or speak directly to another person’s child about any problems.

Thinking of Employing a Private Tutor? - Guidance for Parents and Carers

The Redbridge Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) has recently updated their leaflet in line with the changes to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

We have some leaflets in our reception area. For further information please click here to read the leaflet

Child Protection and Safeguarding Statement

 The school has a Nominated Safeguarding Children’s Adviser.

The current Nominated Safeguarding Children Adviser is Abdul Muquith            

and in his absence, Deputy Nominated Safeguarding Children’s Advisors’ are

                                                       Christine Lamb, Headteacher                


            Emiley Davies, Deputy Head     Claire Ige, Assistant Head            Esther Jones, Deputy Head                                                                                                             




It is the duty of all staff to report to the Nominated Safeguarding Children Adviser any concerns they have about the safety and welfare of any child.


The adviser will take advice from the Child Protection Advisory Team. The school has a duty to refer information, but are not the investigators. Records will be kept and children will be monitored. Referral may take place at a later date if the adviser has collected further pieces of evidence that cause concern.


All staff have a professional responsibility to share information with other agencies in order to safeguard children.

While every effort will be made to inform parents of a referral to the Child Protection Advisory Team, the safety and welfare of the child will always be the overriding consideration and parents may not always be informed.