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Mayespark Primary School

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Homeless Shelter 2017-18

In October our school collected food for a local homeless shelter as part of our Harvest celebration. The School Council  had the privilege of visiting this community where they learnt about the provisions offered at the shelter and some of the important work they do in order to support those without a home. They got to meet some homeless people and one young man gave a short speech about his experiences and answered the children’s questions.





After their visit, the children were asked to describe their favourite part. Here ar some of their comments about their experience:

 “I enjoyed seeing homeless people happy.” Humza

“I remember the day very vividly, my favourite part was hearing the homeless man’s story.” Sara

“My favourite part was meeting homeless people and being able to give the centre food.” Ruby

“It was a good thing to do because now we know what it’s like for homeless people. Amelia

“While at the homeless shelter I got to see that many homeless people are friendly and kind.” Rafi

“My favourite part of visiting the shelter was meeting people and getting to know their situation.” Salah

“I enjoyed seeing people who are less fortunate smile.” Gurshaan