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10 Downing Street

On Monday 12th of December 2016 the year 6 school councillors were lucky enough to attend the Prime Minister’s Christmas children’s party at 10 Downing Street. We were chosen to represent the charity Save the Children. A huge ‘thank you’ to Barton, Jamilla and Becca for making this experience possible. The following article can also be found on the Save the Children blog page.

It all began after a hard day’s work at school (Mayespark Primary School). The year 6 school councillors, who were fortunate enough to go on this trip, were over the moon about this. Those school councillors were Bobby (6M), Zahi (6K), Iraj (6D) and yours truly: Prabdeep (6H). Even though we were seriously tired from school, we managed to gather up all our remaining energy to go.


We were driven to 10 Downing Street with an Addison Lee taxi. On our journey we saw many London landmarks for example the Shard, the Gherkin, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Eventually, after a long journey, we arrived at Downing Street. There were many security guards and we had to wait to be checked in on an attendance register. Finally the gates opened and our hearts started beating faster as we slowly walked to the shiny black door of… 10 DOWNING STREET. 

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photographs on the inside but we managed a group photo outside the doors. Once we entered the building, we were lead up one of the most famous staircases in the world. The sides were lined with pictures and drawings of previous Prime Ministers. We could see images of the Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill and Earl Grey to name but a few.

We were amazed by the size and amount of rooms, all decorated beautifully. There were lots of activities to choose from including arts and crafts, games, dancing and of course eating. The most extraordinary thing was that we were allowed to play in the same rooms where the Queen sometimes has tea with the Prime Minister! We decorated t-shirts and caps and even had a snowball fight in one of the rooms. We visited Santa’s Grotto where we were given a goody bag and took a photograph with Santa himself.

 As we came out we froze in amazement as we saw… the Prime Minister, Mrs. Theresa May! All four of us sprinted to her side and were able to get our caps and t-shirts autographed. Shortly after that, we went downstairs again to get our coats as we were about to leave. We were in a small room and suddenly a door close to the corner opened… We could not believe our eyes as Mrs. May and her aide walked in. We used the opportunity to thank her for the party and then made our way back to school.

A big thank you to Jamilla and Becca for accompanying us on the visit and also to Barton, who invited us to represent Save the Children.

Zahi, Iraj, Bobby and Prabhdeep